Role of the Treasurer

KBA Treasurer 

The Klein Band Association treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the Klein Band Association.  For questions regarding funding, reimbursements, expenses and other financial matters, please contact our Treasure via:

Role of the Treasurer:
  • Prepare the budget for the upcoming year with the assistance of Band Directors, President, and committee members.
  • Maintain the budget by being assured that all check requests are within designated budget categories.
  • Arrange for transfer of signatures on the band account as soon as possible.
  • Write checks and make deposits in a timely manner.
  • Balance the checkbook on a minimum of a monthly basis.
  • Handle cash box and change for all Board events.
  • Prepare and present monthly budget reports, which include check/deposit register, money market account activity and budget updates.
  • Keep post office box key and check PO box regularly.
  • Keep current Sales Tax Exempt Report on file and distribute it to committees as needed. Have President sign a new one each year.
  • Record and report sales tax (July and January) and Federal Taxes (October 15).
  • Record and report individual 1099 Federal Income Tax reports for consultants by January 31 st.
  • Obtain and maintain list of students, including addresses, phone numbers, and band.
  • Prepare forms for fees collection to be distributed in Parent Packet in the Fall and for mail out in the Winter.
  • Maintain records of student accounts; which may include fees, fundraising credits, activity fundraising credits etc.
  • Handle all correspondence that is included in their collection of fees and other monies.
  • Chair annual May budget meeting.


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