Role of the President

Role of the President:

  • Assure Board meetings take place each month, unless otherwise decided by the Board. Must find a place, be certain that members are notified, set agenda, and be certain that meeting is run in an orderly manner. Assign Host duties monthly.
  • Keep in touch with committee members and other executive Board officers to assure that tasks and commitments are being handled in a timely manner.
  • Maintain policies, such as the bonding insurance and any other as needed.
  • Create calendar of events with the Band Directors for the year that will be posted in the newsletter in the summer. Be sure of concert dates, competitions, UIL, swim party, parent meetings, Open House, Board meetings, fund raisers, etc. Review at May meeting so that new Board and exiting Board can work together on this.
  • Organize Parent Open House at the beginning of the summer marching camp. Assemble information packets for parents with other committee members contributing their fliers and band directors contributing permission forms and whatever else is needed.
  • Organize Parent Meeting at the beginning of the school year. Contact the band directors to determine the date. Contact the Klein Activities coordinator for the commons, cafeteria and auditorium. Work with the activities committee to be sure that arrangements are made for the meal. Be certain that all committees that need displays have what they need. Make any announcements needed at the beginning of the performance.
  • Write a President’s letter for the newsletter.
  • Proofread the newsletter before it goes to the Klein Activities Director.
  • Handle calls from parents and others and be sure to direct them to the appropriate committee or Band Director.
  • Arrange to sign on the bank account and get a copy of the key to the post office box.
  • Work with committee of Directors, Treasurer, and any others to develop the budget for the incoming year by the end of June. Individual budget items are solicited from the committee members. Ask for any suggestions from the outgoing Board at the May meeting.
  • Assist Treasurer in keeping committees within their approved budgets.
  • Keep current Sales Tax Exempt Report on file and distribute it to committees as needed. President signs a new one each year.
  • Liaison with the Band Directors where needed.
  • Assist committee members where needed.
  • Appoint committees as needed to do special tasks.
  • Call general meetings for voting purposes, such as for slate of officers, by-law revision, etc. Assure that these meetings are run in an orderly manner.
  • Make any presentations needed, such as those done at the band banquet, Senior Presentation at the football game, etc.
  • Attend meeting of Klein High School presidents when needed.
  • Pass on any information received to the appropriate committee.
  • Review by-laws to assure proper procedure.
  • Other duties determined on an as-needed basis.



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