Role of the Pit Pops

The Pit Pops, also known as our "Performance Committee", is a group of band and color guard members' fathers dedicated to the support the Klein High Band. We attend all the football games and competitions, helping the band by moving equipment, strategically placing the Drum Major stands, preparing and distributing cold drinks and assisting the band on and off the field. We are spitpops-brisketometimes called upon to provide food for the band and color guard members at special events. Our Brisket Sale fundraiser right before the Super Bowl is our contribution to the band's funding. We are also charged with upkeep and repair of the percussion pit instruments..

We have some work before the marching season starts. One of our roles is to help with the creation of the props for the marching band. This includes working closely with the Directors in the design and development of the props. We do other construction projects as required, like the new shelves in the percussion room. During the open house at the end of July, we'll be there to collect the drinks each band member is required to bring which are distributed to the band and color guard members at each game and competition.

The Pit Pops are also in charge of the 2 trailers used to haul the band's instruments and equipment. Occasionally as the equipment list changes, we modify the interiors of the trailers to meet those needs.

Color Guard dads need not be bashful about joining. We welcome you too. During the marching season you'll learn the ropes, so you can help out during the Winter Guard Season.

This all sounds like a lot of work, but the camaraderie and more importantly the kids' smiles more than make up for it. pitpops-sm-trailerFor more information or join this fun loving group, please contact our Performance Chairs (Pit Pops) via:


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